TBMOPA and Daher at AirVenture

Live the ‘Oshkosh Experience’ with us!


EAA AirVenture, known worldwide as Oshkosh is the World's greatest aviation event. It gathers every year everything that flies: Classic planes, warbirds, vintage or experimental aircraft, ultralights, seaplanes, helicopters, autogiros, hot air balloons, etc. You name it; there's likely an example of it at Oshkosh. For a pilot, arriving at Oshkosh is a rite of passage that can only be satisfied by being one of the more than 10,000 aircraft landings at what is during a week the busiest airport in the world.

Daher and TBMOPA are excited to partner again for the 21st year to invite all owners of Daher’s aircraft to visit the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year. EAA AirVenture is a gigantic pageant, and our Oshkosh invitation is very special due to Daher’s and TBMOPA’s close relationship with the EAA. As a result, TBMOPA members can access the “hidden side of Oshkosh” and benefit from a host of amenities.

Ramp Parking – Daher and TBMOPA can offer aircraft owners dedicated hard surface parking at Oshkosh in front of the old Oshkosh "commercial terminal." This gives members direct access to rental cars and fuel etc. We will have dedicated transport that will
be able to take you to the show or the VIP campground when you arrive and when you need to depart. It takes a lot of negotiation every year to get a dedicated parking area (which every other GA manufacturer tries to get their hands on); however, as a TBMOPA member, only you can access it.

IFR Slots – TBMOPA members benefit from access to “golden” IFR slots in Oshkosh daily between 7 am and 1 pm.  This will allow you to arrive IFR and avoid any traffic issues. The golden slots are allocated directly by the EAA. If you prefer to arrive VFR, you can use the “Warbird” arrival, which keeps you away from slower traffic. This year you can book your parking and slot requests online. Click on the "Register" button at the top of this page to begin.

Accommodation – The best place to stay at Oshkosh is at the campground. TBMOPA has pre-booked several VIP RVs near the showgrounds to create the “TBM village.” Trailers have A/C, running water, plumbing, etc., and are an ideal way to get the best out of the show. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis for TBM owners. 

2024 Daher Special Events

Standby for an email from Daher with their events and registration.


Daher remains committed to being a key sponsor of TBMOPA, recognizing the association’s important role of contributing to flight safety across the TBM fleet – as well as providing a forum for TBM owners & operators to share their experiences and build the spirit of comradery. TBMOPA’s presence at EAA AirVenture fully serves these two purposes, and Daher looks forward to an enjoyable week with the TBM aviator community.